Vorarlberg road trip in Austria Ft. Lech Zuers and Bodensee-Vorarlberg

Mellau - Lech Zuers. The drive from Mellau through to Lech Zuers was a pretty magical drive, one of the most memorable in my lifetime yet. It is such a shame that I was driving with no passenger because I would have loved to have swapped seats and spent the last leg of the drive (from Warth through to Lech) just taking photos for you. The trail our guide had chosen was the 1st stage of the Lechweg. The Lechweg is a trail that has existed for centuries, connecting three regions and 2 countries over almost 125km. Thankfully we were only completing 15km of it from Formarinsee back to Lech Zuers, though after hearing about it, I'm itching to complete the full course. The trail starts at 1793 metres high and is a pretty easy hike (with only a couple of little ascents, mostly flat terrain). It only took about 5 hours to complete.
Lech Zuers - Bregenz. The last stop on my Austrian road trip was the region of Bodensee-Vorarlberg, which is the furthest west region in Austria, sharing the border with Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. There isn't much of a drive between the gorgeous villages that sit within this region, so I highly recommend passing through a few during your visit. On day one I popped down to Hard (yup, that's the name of a town on Lake Constance) and did some stand up paddle boarding with the trendy lakeside hangout Surfmax. It was only a five-minute drive from Bregenz, and so by afternoon we walked to the lake front for lunch and wandered around the nearly constructed set of Carmen for this years Bregenz Music Festival (an annual summer festival that you HAVE to check out). I have to say, when I heard Bregenz sat on a lake, I really didn't anticipate how big the lake would actually be. It appears like the ocean and by evening you can sit and watch the sun fall beyond the horizon...
For those of us that live in Europe, Austria is a prime example of why we should explore the countries right on our doorstep instead of always looking so far away. To me, Austria is the legit dream.
There are so many contrasting landscapes within such close proximity to uncover, and that’s before you’ve even started on the likes of the neighbouring countries.