Travel to the regions of Australia

I never thought I'd spend any time in Australia let alone such a large chunk of my life. I certainly never dreamed I'd marry an Australian and move to the other side of the world. So if you're looking to visit Australia as a backpacker and travel around by bus and train with a 2 man tent, as we did, or if you're looking to come here on vacation and stay in Australia's top hotels, as we have, or even if you're looking to move to Australia, we can help you with that.
There are many other ways to travel in Australia, rest assured we've done them all. Last on our bucket list is to complete a lap with a camper van or motor home, it will come, maybe when the kids have flown we'll join the grey nomads on this classic tour.We lived in Far North Queensland for many years between travels further afield, so most of our Australia content focuses on the tropical north of Queensland. Of course, we have also travelled all over Australia.
Australia is easy to break into fun-sized chunks for the purposes of a travel blog, not just the states and territories, but those divisions can be sub divided into distinct areas, Queensland becomes The Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Far North, for instance. You can also talk about Australia in terms of the east coast, west coast, Great Ocean Rd., Red Centre and so on.
You can travel the classic train routes, buy a vehicle, hire a camper or invest in a tent, it’s up to you.The classic train routes I’m talking about are The Ghan ( Short for The Afghan, named after camel herders from Afghanistan present in central Australia) and the Indian Pacific.
The Ghan goes straight up the middle of Australia, from Adelaide to Alice Springs to Darwin. To ride the whole 2,979 Km would take you over 50 hours. The Orient Express it is not. Chef and I rode it as far as Alice and hopped off there for the Alice Springs Camel Cup and to hire a car to drive to Uluru where we camped in our two-man tent. It was freezing at Uluru, deserts get very cold at night.
The Indian Pacific cuts across the bottom of Australia and will take you from Sydney to the Pacific Ocean on the east coast – Perth. The journey takes over 70 hours. Again we’ve taken this train part of the way, to Broken Hill and Silverton. Silverton is where Mad Max was filmed and is worth a look, we hopped back on then to Adelaide and joined The Ghan to Alice.