The best things to do in England

For the best things to do in England we really don’t have to travel far. Adventure and fun can be found right on our doorstep, and I bet you’ll even find that some of the top things to do are in your local area, without having to travel for miles.
Althought we can’t travel at the moment due to Covid-19, we can start planning our next adventure and making our England bucket list! England has so many beautiful places to visit, walks and hikes to go on and National Parks to explore. Some of the best things to do in England include exploring London, surfing in Devon, going for afternoon tea, or embarking on a UK road trip, and there are even unique things to do in England such as cheese-rolling, garlic festivals, and kayaking on the Thames!
There’s nothing like a lazy day in summer: going out for a stroll with a coffee, picnics with friends, and punting along a river. Punting is one of the best things to do in England and the concept is simple: square-ended, flat-bottomed boats are pulled through shallow water with a 16-foot pole. You can choose to go on a punting tour, or to give it a go yourself!
Two of the most famous places in England to go punting are the River Cherwell in Oxford and the River Cam in Cambridge, where students take tourists along the river to see the cities’ sights, including many of the famous university colleges.
The River Cam can get pretty busy in summer, but head a couple of miles south to the village of Grantchester for a more peaceful experience, where you can punt on the river alongside weeping willows, meadows and woodlands, to the sweet sound of bird song.
For a more adventurous punt in the Oxford area, head to Folly Bridge where you can punt on the River Thames (at the sides where it is shallow). Another beautiful place for punting in Oxford is on the River Isis next to Port Meadow, where you can soak up the stunning scenery and stop off in a country pub for lunch. There’s something spectacular about staring up at the sky when it is completely dark and looking at all the twinkling stars. This can be hard to do in city centres where there is a lot of light pollution, but England is home to six international dark sky reserves.
England isn’t particularly famous for having exquisite cuisine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t local delicacies to try. From fish and chips at the seaside, to Cornish pasties (in Cornwall of course!), country pub grub with an English cider, roast dinners, the full English breakfast and more! Enjoy a cup of English breakfast tea as you decide how to spread your scone (cream first, like they do in Devon, or jam first, like they do in Cornwall).
Blackpool is a fairly famous English seaside resort that is perfect for budget friendly adventures! It’s a fairly “marmite” place (you either love it or you hate it), but head to this Lancashire coastal town to enjoy a day full of fun: eating fish and chips on the beach, making sandcastles with your bucket and spade, walking along the promenade, as well as the main attractions at Blackpool Tower (such as the Eye, the Dungeon and the Ballroom).