The best things to do in Croatia

Are you planning a road trip through Europe? Or perhaps you’re planning a holiday to Croatia and are looking to get some inspiration and direction as to the best things to do in Croatia? Well, my friend, this is the blog post for you! In this post, I am going to share some of the best things to do in Croatia with you, some of which I have done and some that are still high on my Croatia bucket list.
From sunset kayaking around Dubrovnik castle to hiring a boat and travelling around some of the islands, all the way to dancing the night away during the Yacht Week or Underground Market in the cellar of Diocletian Palace in Split, you aren’t short of things to do in this diverse European country.
I’ve been to Croatia a few times over the years, including with the Yacht Week and with the Global Travellers family, and Croatia really is full of adventure. Whether you want a city break in Split or Dubrovnik, to go Croatia island hopping along the Dalmatian Coast, to go hiking in the Plitvice Lakes National Park or go swimming under the Krka waterfall, Croatia really has adventure to offer everyone.
For an alternative perspective of this famous Croatian city, you can go kayaking around Dubrovnik’s city walls and Lokrum Island. Stop off for a dip in the water and a snorkel… you won’t want to miss the opportunity to jump into the crystal clear waters that Croatia has to offer. We booked our sunset kayaking tour in Dubrovnik through Adventure Dalmatia. Once you’re in the Krka National Park you walk 15-20 minutes through beautiful forests and lakes until you reach the waterfalls themselves. Once you’re there you can splash in and out of the crystal clear water, hike in the surrounding forests, and enjoy a lakeside picnic for lunch. Krka National Park is only 86km from Split, making it a great day trip.
Plitvice National Park is one of the best and most popular places to visit in Croatia. With kilometres of walking and hiking trails, and boardwalks that allow you to be ‘suspended’ over the turquoise waters of the world famous lakes, it’s not surprise as to why. The Plitvice National Park has 16 lakes and it has been a site since 1979. Because it’s a protected site, swimming in Plitvice is not permitted (so if you want to swim in a waterfall, head to Krka).
It’s easiest to get to Plitvice from Zadar or Zagreb (just over 2 hours in the car), but you can drive to Plitvice from Split in about 3 hours. It’s best to visit Plitvice National Park in spring (you can avoid the summer crowds and still enjoy the roaring waterfalls), and always try to get there at opening time to maximise your time in the park and to avoid the crowds.
White water rafting on the Cetina River is a great way to experience the nature that Croatia has to offer and get an adrenaline rush and have fun all at the same time! There are different levels of difficulty for the rafting, and you don’t need prior rafting experience to do all of them, so it’s a beginner-friendly experience too. Take in the views as you weave between the rocks and rapids, dash under the waterfalls, and look out for the local wildlife too.
The stunning architecture of the Diocletian Palace cellars is enough to impress any visitor, whether you’re a fan of Roman culture or history or not. The cellars of this fortress, maze-like with their multiple areas, fuel the imagination and get you thinking about what life must have been like in the Roman times.A walking tour will tell you everything that you need to know about the history of Split, and the Underground Market is a great place to go to buy souvenirs and explore.