Kaiteriteri & Nelsons Lake

The Kiwi experience bus that we are touring New Zealand on takes you anti clockwise on the South Island and consists of optional and designated stops along the way. Where there are designated stops, the bus driver stops overnight too and then you continue the following morning in the same bus. So after visiting my family and the vineyards we made our way down the west coast, which is known for its 'wetness'. Luckily we had begun our New Zealand with some beautiful weather because it did turn a little English from here on. First little stop was Kaiteriteri where you'll find Abel Tasmin National Park, famous for its walks and beautiful views.
Kaiteriteri aside from a burger bar, a hostel, a bar, and a couple of tourism huts is pretty desolate. If it's a clear day the sky dives here are meant to be amazing or if you fancy a kayak or even a 1/2/3 day walk this is your spot - the walks are meant to be amazing. The overcast weather shyed me away from a walk which is a shame, but i think some views are very weather reliant because the clouds can completely blur and dissolve the skyline.
Anyway, New Zealand is still beautiful and breath taking without the blue skies. Blue skies are just a bonus (as is the tan). We headed from Kaiteriteri towards Westport with a stop off at Nelsons Lake to take some photos...
A compact area of mountain ranges separated by forested valleys, the Nelson Lakes National Park is home to the beginning of the awe-inspiring Southern Alps.
Promising everything from easy lakeside walking tracks to challenging alpine hikes, this national park has something on offer for everyone.
The beautiful alpine lakes of Rotoroa and Rotoiti form the heart of this 102,000 hectare national park. Both are surrounded by steep mountains and fringed to the shore by native honeydew beech forests, which feed a variety of tuneful nectar-eating native birds.